Charms Visionary Management Team brings decades of experience and thought leadership to the fore. This immensely guides the company's direction helping it achieve the goal of providing high quality solutions to clients. Ultimately it helps the company grow ahead of the industry at a faster pace. They are the engine of Charms’ growth.

Other Directors


Equipped with years of experience in the construction industry, he has been a director and has been playing a pivotal role in the growth of Charms Group. He directs legal and contracts management at Charms Group.

Rajubhai Patel

He is a treasure trove filled with vast experience from the field of construction. He has been a director and also monitors construction and commercial activities of the group.

Bharat Vasani

He is closely associated with the planning, development and construction of projects. He ensures feasibility without compromising the quality.


With a background of Civil Engineering, he co-heads technical and construction functions at Charms Group. He directs Charms Corner and Charms Paradise development at Charms Group.

Bhavesh Velani

He co-directs the construction operations at Charms Group and heads the development of Charms City.